This table is
really quite

Never again without it!

You know the situation: You are commissioning a machine, conducting maintenance or doing some programming work at your customer. From the car park to the company gates you are loaded with cases, bags and laptop which you have to carry all around the grounds of the company and production facilities. One trip is usually not enough. Once you have arrived at the installation location there is often not enough space for all your equipment.

The smartTable solves this problem. The ingenious folding table which also has a cart function is a real multi-talent for field work. When folded flat it will fit in almost any car boot. Fitted with smooth-running plastic wheels it can transport all your gear to the workplace. In just a few easy steps the smartTable is on its legs and ready for use with enough space for all of your documentation and folders. The mobile desk allows you to work in a standing or sitting position so that soon you wouldn't want to be without it. And just in case: there is a handy folding stool integrated under the table top.

The high quality table produced in V2A stainless steel is characterised by its particularly firm standing position and offers plenty of leg room. The writing on the work surface can be customised, is plastic-coated and compatible to a computer mouse..


Technical specifications

Folded: width 1000 x depth 610 x height 85 mm
Weight: 20 kg